Side Effects of HCG Diet


It is quite interesting that while researching for this article, the first five articles when I searched for dangers of HCG only quote research against HCG. There is positive research that outnumbers the negative research. SEE

What you must take into consideration is that HCG is not a drug or an illegal hormone. It has been approved by the FDA for the other application that Simeons found a cure for: Hypogonadism. What the FDA has done is approve it for weight loss. Also HCG is used for fertility treatment. So it is not a banned substance.

The amounts that Simeons use are very small comparing to what is found in the urine of a pregnant woman. Simeons used a maximum of 40 injections of 125 i.u.
The maximum amount of HCG present in a normal pregnancy is around 288,000 mIU/ml and the minimum is 5 mIU/ml. Women after menopause have 9.5 mIU/ml. So the iu above are 1000 times smaller than the measurement for HCG on Pregnancy. For example someone having 40 injections would have 5000 iu that is equal to the minimum amount that a pregnant woman would have in a week.

HCG diet side effects

By researching in blogs and forums I’ve found that the most common side effects are:

Some water retention
Light headedness
These seems to be the unwelcome side effects when carrying out a detox on your body. Well, again I seem to be justifying HCG, please I am just a reporter who is enthusiastic with her results 🙂

You can also read the side effects here:

What you must remember that the frequent side effects on this article are:

• Bloating (mild)
• stomach or pelvic pain

Every time Ive changed from a junk food diet to a proper diet of vegetables and fruit I have normally felt bloated. In all honesty I did not feel like that in August when I started the diet.
Also all medicines have side effects; these have to be disclosed by law. The problem is not many patients read the side effects of medicine as they trust their doctor.

I want to report the good and the bad fairly in this blog and the side effects that might influence you either way but the decision must be yours.
Like any weight loss diet you must consult your own doctor before embarking on the plan.
I did not have any side effects; I love how it changed the shape of my body.
Also I advise that you read Pounds and Inches at least from page 45, keep reading it often as every time I read it, I learn something new.