HCG Weight Loss Day 3 Round 3

I am today 11st 10½ lbs (164 ½lbs) (74.7 Kg) I did put on another 2 lbs. Never mind as Simeons says in the quote yesterday that it has to be gain before Loss.

I think, after reviewing the last 2 days: I did not lose or not gain because I was having protein every day in maintenance. I had a lot of carbs. What I forgot to record is that both days of “filling up” I had 3 Bacardi and full coke. I do not believe in Diet or Zero Coke due to the sweeteners and really Bacardi is not Bacardi without Coke
I seem to settled of having the sprays at: around 10 am, my second around 2pm and then 8pm and before going to bed.
Then I ate:

  • Mid morning: an apple
  • Lunch: 100g of fish and a cupful (or mug full) of Swiss chard
  • Mid afternoon: an orange
  • Dinner: 100g of chicken breast with a cupful of tomatoes

I have decided not to have the grissini as I managed very well in round two without it.
I did not feel hungry at all and if anything, I forced myself to it at the times planned: 2 pm and 8 pm.
I drank a liter of water and two liters of yerba mate.
I felt great and determined all day.

What vegetables to include

There has been much controversy about what vegetables to have. There are some people that justify adding different vegetables by saying that in Simeons’ time there wasn’t cauliflower or broccoli. That’s rubbish.

So my thoughts are why alter perfection?
I did have a lot of broccoli on round 2, due to confusion as Leslie Kenton lists broccoli and cauliflower. She also allows to mix vegetables after the first week, if the weight loss is going O.K. Again we don’t know how much more we would lose if we stick to the diet.
Twenty Four days is not long, therefore, as this is the last time I will use this diet, I will stick exactly to what Simeons says. These are the vegetables allowed:

For some reason I cannot find cabbage readily available here in Malaga, so I will have:

– Spinach
– Swiss chard (very similar to spinach)
– Tomatoes
– Celery
– Onions
– Red radishes
– Cucumbers
– Asparagus

I think that’s enough variety for 24 days.

HCG Tip of the Day

Another Technique if you need a boost and want to avoid coffee or tea due to the caffeine:

Massage the soles of your feet.   Start at the webbing between the big toe and the second toe.  Run your fingers down around the inside edge of the ball of the foot until you find a slight depression, about one-third of the way down.  This spot is easy to identify because it is very sensitive.  This spot is so energizing, it has been used to revive people who have fainted.  Using your thumbs, massage on each foot.

Remember not to use any creams or oils.

Healthy Tip of the Day

Do your best to get the proper amount of sleep (minimum 7 hours per night). Go to bed on time. Switch off the light. Get into the habit of doing this at the same time every night – it can really help you avoid insomnia.