Why Only the Right HCG Drops will Help in Weightloss

This post is about choosing the right HCG drops for your weight loss purposes.

Before we can tell you which is the right HCG drops you should first know what is one first.

A right HCG drop is one which is 100% pure and does not contain any impurity.

A right HCG drop is one which is not homeopathic in nature.

A right HCG drop is one which was manufactured in the USA.

The above points might sound simple and easy but it’s not

You will find loads of reviews about various HCG drops brands. These people will tell you such and such HCG drops are pure but it’s not.

Let me show you an example. Most people who write reviews about HCG drops mark pounds and inches as the best HCG brand. They even state that it’s 100% pure and is of pharmaceutical grade.

Unfortunately that’s not the case. The reason pounds and inches is suggested by most is because the people from pounds and inches pay hefty commissions to those who promote their product.

No wonder most people tend to promote their product.

Dr. Simeons in his book had mentioned that one must be injected with HCG hormone to get that hunger pang out of his system. And moreover, he even stated that HCG will change one’s eating habit.

There you go. your best for weight loss in the HCG diet is HCG Injections. There is no such thing as homeopathic HCG injection. There are several brands selling HCG injections. Again most of them are illegal as they do not have the necessary paperwork required by the government to sell.

Currently, the only brand that comes to mind is Nuimage Medical. They are expensive. One bottle of HCG hormone along with syringe costs $300 bucks.

Unfortunately, most of you will not be able to get your hands on the HCG Injection sold by NuImage Medical. Another brand that is less expensive than NuImage Medical is USA Injections. They are less expensive compared to NuImage Medical. Their starting kit costs you $100 bucks. At the same time, they are legal as their HCG hormone is manufactured within the USA.

But if you still prefer to get HCG drops instead then keep reading.

Where Do I find Best HCG Drops for Weight Loss?

There is a review website which can be trusted wholly. It is not your usual review from a blogger who reviews for a commission. The website is HCG Police.

HCG Police reviews all major HCG drops brands and speaks only the truth. I think they are a Non-Profit website. It was started by an HCG Diet user who got fed up with people selling fake HCG drops. You can visit their website to find genuine info on the type of HCG brands you want to buy or would like more info about.