What is HCG Diet

This Diet was created by ATW Simeons, a British endocrinologist in the 1950s.

He discovered that HCG, a natural hormone produced by pregnant women assists the body to burn the abnormal fat in the body. He actually defines three types of fats in his medical paper Pounds and Inches page 14. Download it HERE

He proved that when HCG is taken with a low calorie and low fat, very specific diet, the abnormal fat banks are used and the dieter does not feel hunger. It truly changes your body shape. It is most noticeable after the stabilization. The first time I used this diet people actually said I had lost weight after Phase Three.

The Plan consists of 3 phases but as I prefer to think of it as only two parts as I merge Phase One (filling up 2 days) with the remaining days either on HCG or 500 cal plan.

You might hear of a “phase one” that is about detoxifying the body. This is not in Simeons’ book. This “phase” was invented by Kevin Trudeu and it is not necessary. I’ve never done this “phase”

Phase 1

It is normally two days filling up while taking HCG. Dr Simeons says that you need these two days for the HCG to be stored in the body. You take the supplement and you eat as much as you want. Don’t worry about putting weight on as it soon will disappear once you start on the 500 calories.

Phase 2

Consists of 24 to 41 additional days. You take HCG and complete the 500 calories diet plan for 21 to 38 days. Then you stop taking the supplement but continue with the 500 calories plan for an extra three days. This is necessary for the HCG to completely leave the body.

Phase 3

This is the stabilization or consolidation of the diet.

3 weeks (doesnt matter how many days you have done above this it never varies). In these three weeks you cannot have sugar or starch. I do believe this is the most important part of the diet as your weight stabilizes.

The best two resources for these three weeks are: Leslie Kenton’s Cura Romana and my starch list.

Then Dr Simeons says you should leave 3 more weeks where you introduce sugar and starch and hopefully then follow a healthy diet for life.

If you take injections these three weeks become 5, 9, 14 between courses. At the moment of writing I am on a 5 week. I could have reduced this five weeks as I do not have injections but I do believe it is very important that the body becomes used to the new weight.

HCG Supplements

You have the injections as Dr Simeons’ recommends.
You can have real HCG sublingually as I take it.
You can have supplement without HCG – such as the one I took in Round one. I took Leslie Kenton’s Cura Romana but the other one I have heard very good reports about is Creative Biosience see Where to buy HCG page.
I have heard very good reports of the pellets.
The more one reads about HCG the more confused one becomes. That’s why I’ve tried to simplify the methods in this blog so you can see how they work out.

I have not any doubt when taking the real HCG because it is prepared by experts and the hormone is extracted from the Urine, tested, analyzed, processed several times and then packaged and sold as powder that can be used to inject or take sublingually.